Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween is Upon Us

Halloween is upon us. I wasn't in the mood to decorate, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity either. So I got some cheapo stuff at the .99 store and did a bit of porch decorating. Pumpkins were too expensive so I passed on those.  If they go on clearance I'll grab one later. I like having one to use all the way through harvest and up until Thanksgiving.

I found some awesome gloves for my Slytherin witch costume at the .99 store. My only regret is I didn't snap up the white and pink ones too. They had no black. I imagine those sold out in the first day they were on the shelves. But I wanted acid green to match the Slytherin colors.

I volunteered to do face-painting at a Halloween event. Normally I charge for such things but I need to get my name out there in this community. I've been here a year and only had one gig. So yeah...free...but I'll hand out cards and have flyers. And if a paid gig comes up for Halloween night, I'm taking that one too. This one ends at 7 PM so that gives me time to do a midnight tarot party or something. Halloween used to be my most lucrative month of the year. I feel sad to not be booked for the big events.

The Slytherin colors are green, silver (gray) and black. So I was thrilled to get these gloves for .99. Score.