Friday, August 30, 2013

Money Mind Shift Downward Spiral

I remember when the first dollar type stores came out. At first I was embarrassed to go to them. Then I thought I'd see what it was all about. I was surprised that sometimes I'd find cool things there, well worth a dollar. I started going there to pick up gag gifts, or sundries for my suitcase, or a convenient birthday card, but mostly I still shopped at box stores. It was kind of a lark to go there.

I realized I had a big mind shift the other day when I went to Dollar General. Generally I stick to the .99 store or Dollar Tree.  So I'm at Dollar General and they still have great deals but they are $1-$5. per item. It's still a quarter of the price of Walmart, Target, or other box stores. But in my head I'm going, 'Why would I pay $3 for this make-up when I can wait a few days and get something like it at the $1 store?' I suppose if there were a .25 Store I'd shop at it instead.  And I'm not sure when it happened, but now I can't even afford to shop at Walmart or K-mart or Target or Sam's Club or Costco. I never thought I'd fall this far out of the middle class. I never thought I'd have to scrimp and save enough to go to Dollar Tree. What's happening to me?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summertime in the Mojave

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It's been a hard week. Triple digits didn't help any; and for 2 of those days I thought I had a fever. I feel like the worst of it has passed and I got to work on crafts today and move some boxes so I don't feel so claustrophobic in here. I've been thinking of all my passions and dreams and wondering where they all went.

I am happiest when the sun goes down.  In fact last night I sat in a camping chair way out back and fell fast asleep with the cool breeze caressing my face. When I woke up I was a little scared. I still have an irrational or rational fear that I'll wake up to find my foot in a coyote's mouth.

As I walked back to the house, I saw a huge shooting star so close to the ground and burning bright green. I wasn't even looking up at the time, but the light was so bright, I looked up to see what it was.

Pink Cactus Flowers

Sunflowers that grew all by themselves.

Sunrise in the Mojave

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Poets Are Dreaming

Sometimes I stay awake all night because I still have a wild streak and rebel against those silly notions of wrist watches and grandfather clocks and bedtimes. The world is quieter, the stars are brighter, and I'm deliciously alone. Even the cat has gone to bed. The moon is waxing and set long ago. Somewhere sailors are navigating under the stars and writers are finishing up the final draft of their novels. Poets are dreaming of their first kiss or their last dance. Children are being conceived and ballet dancers are resting their sore and tired feet. There is magic in the dark that is gone with the light of day.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Desert is my Front Yard

A few days ago when it started to cool off I went for a hike in the desert. My back hurt a lot, so it became a mosey instead, with frequent rest breaks. I got to take some beautiful photos though and thought I'd share them with you. I literally just have to walk across the street to get photos like this.

Cholla at sunset

Joshua tree at twilght

Family of Joshua Trees in Lucerne Valley CA

Sunlit cholla cactus

My favorite sunset photo from that day.

Striped rock

Through the creosote bushes.

Baby cholla

Sunset in August