Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nanowrimo is Keeping Me Busy in Unusual Ways

It's funny how doing Nanowrimo impacts my life. It lead me to meet new people. It lead me to find a local used  bookstore with  a writer friendly owner. While there, I got new books on crafts at her half off sale for November on non-fiction. And that led me to get back into fashion illustration.

The only thing I haven't been doing all that well on is writing the novel for Nanowrimo!  I think my novel is just over 5,000 words right now and my poetry Nano just passed 5,000 words. So about 10,000 in all. Except on the timeline I think I'm supposed to be around 15,000 words on each Nano account.

I also knitted a bunny from another book I got at the used bookstore called the Knitted Odd-Bod Bunch.
Two women from the High Desert Bloggers Meet Up

My bunny was inspired by the book. It's not in the book.
In a way writing 50,000 words of poetry is more fun and easier for me than the novel. That's because it doesn't have a plot. I can jump from a silly rhyming poem to a long wordy freestyle verse and no one cares. It doesn't have to have a linear timeline. I can hop all over the place. The novel on the other hand, isn't cooperating at all. I like to think of it as Firefly meets the Wild Wild West (the old TV series, Not the movie).  It's going to be a good story if I can ever get it together.

After I'd already started two Nano projects I ran across a guy that is blogging for his 50,000 word nano.  I wish I'd thought of that since I blog every day anyway. But there is no way I'm doing 3 Nanowrimo projects.  Two is insane enough.

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