Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Day Full of Creativity

Already thinking of Halloween.
Yesterday was an explosion of creative adventures. I've been using the Law of Attraction to bring things into my life. Odd things to prove to myself that it works. One of the 'odd things' I asked for was some sort of metallic skeleton key to use in a guitar I'm making out of a license plate. And lo and behold, I went to a thrift store that had recently moved in by the knitting shop, and there, hanging on a peg was not just one, but four decorative skeleton keys. My license plate has a bronco on it, and 3 of the four keys have a western theme. There's a cowboy boot, a horseshoe, a horse head and a star. Even the star is meaningful because I've been collecting stars for my 'Starry the Clown' kit.

And the whole lot of them was $8.00.

I also manifested another thing I've wanted for a long time: a hair fork.
And the 3 crochet hooks for $1. each were just icing on the cake.

Earlier in the day I'd gone to the Dollar Store and they had the white twine and poster board I needed for a hat I'm weaving.

Then it was off to the knitting gathering to knit for a few hours. Only in my case I spent it weaving a hat.
And I picked up some more striped yarn for my medicine pouches for the powwow.

As if that wasn't enough creativity for one day, then it was off to my new art studio that I joined.
I got to relearn how to throw a  pot after a 30 year break. And the universe provided me with a kind and gentle woman teacher. All my pottery teachers up to this point have been male with big strong arms and hands. This women taught me how to be gentle on my hands, including a new way of centering clay that doesn't involve brute strength. The studio also had the clay and tools I need for a very reasonable price. I used loaner tools the first time, but I'll have my own next go round. I made two pots last night, so when I go back I'll get to trim those. Yesterday was the best day I've had in a long time.

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