Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bless the Moms in All The World

As sad as I may be and as much as my life sucks at times, it is not as bad as what my neighbor is going through.  She is watching her daughter die bit by bit.  As a mother with 2 daughters it just breaks my heart. Her daughter had a stroke in Oct. and has been going downhill since. My neighbor recently sold her daughter's horses when she had to face the fact that she'd never be well enough to ride again.

Recently she had a manicurist visit her daughter and give her a mani/pedi.  She said it is the only thing she can do for the girl; there is no fixing what ails her.

I am blessed that both my daughters and all my grandchildren are doing well. On this Mother's Day, I don't take anything for granted.

Holding my grandbaby Maggie.

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