Sunday, May 26, 2013

Strings and Ceiling Wax and Politics and Other Fancy Stuff

It looks like I've lost my only blog follower. I think that there are so many 'follow' apps these days that no one is quite sure how to follow along anymore. When Etsy had a chat room I'd get several new followers a week. Oh well, it's not like I have one of those controversial blogs that everyone wants to read and can't get enough of. It would be nice to have an audience but I mainly write to express myself and get things out of my system.

For example, I'm very non-political. I don't like going round and round with people when they've already decided their point of view.  Most of us pick viewpoints at a fairly young age, often adopting those views our parents had. So much of politics is just lies and deception anyway. I've tried to get involved in politics but frankly it just bores me. Mankind is determined to have wars, and in the long run I don't see much I can do about it. Should I hold up a peace sign and get bashed in the head by someone who thinks war is the American way? Seems a waste of time.

Yesterday I was talking about being content with what I have and a man in the chat room said he needed $600 million dollars to be happy. Really? Since that is improbable does that mean he will now be unhappy the rest of his life while he waits for the money to arrive? Do rich people seem happy to you? That's just another illusion.

I need enough money to get a safe car and health insurance. I don't need enough money to buy my own island and kick off the indigenous people. I think having too much money can be as big a problem as having too little. Do you want to spend all your days hiring lawyers because when you are rich everyone wants your money? I feel rich when I have a warm meal, a roof over my head, and shoes that don't hurt.
My neighbor's horse.

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