Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hot Day Dry Wind

I feel a sense of malaise that I just can't shake these days. It is hard to stay in a good mood for any length of time. I find solace in nature and art, but my life seems to have no forward momentum. Every time I get a new source of income, another source dries up. I've tried talking to people about it, but that only makes it worse. The hot weather leaves me with a perpetual headache. In fact I slept half the day to avoid the heat. After we went to town and back, baking in our truck that has no air conditioning, I had a migraine. Plus its dusty from the wind, so I've been sneezing. The locals here don't understand what my problem is. The heat barely seems to register. Am I going to have to stay indoors under the cooler until October?

Chocolate Rocks

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