Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Weekend Gypsy

I get to don my gypsy garb tomorrow and be who I really am. Full skirts don't work well in my tiny house but the event is at a shady park, so with any luck I will get to be under the trees doing the things I love which include painting on scrolls, juggling, reading the tarot, and doing fiber arts.

I seem to have lost my belt. I had it Friday before last at the Steampunk campsite. I took it off to put on my driving clothes and mislaid it in one of my bins or tote bags. Sheesh. Maybe it is out in my art studio, but it is too dark out there to look for it. Let's hope I get up early enough to find it before I have to get a ride to town to catch my ride to the event. I have to grab my painting supplies and my belt and load the last minute items into the truck, like the food, that can't go in ahead of time.

Today's self portrait.

June's First Sunset

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