Thursday, June 6, 2013

Iguana and Quail

It's 102 degrees today. I made sure everything was thoroughly watered, then spent the rest of the day indoors under the swamp cooler and the fans. It helped a lot to wet down my tank top and put it back on.  It's supposed to be 104 on Saturday.

I saw my first desert iguana today. I used to have a pet green iguana. Imagine my surprise today when I looked out my front window and saw what looked like a sand colored iguana, about 3" from back to belly, and about a foot long. It was cruising through the sand I just watered heading for the joshua tree. I never saw it leave so maybe it is still in the tree.

Then a few minutes ago, I saw a mom, a pop, and a baby quail heading for the chicken wire enclosure where I have the peppers planted. The little darling hopped right through the fence, leaving mom and dad outside.  I asked my boyfriend if they would abandon it there, and he said he didn't think so. As if they heard us, mom and dad both ran off. About 30 seconds later I see the little one pop up on a rock, dive through the fence, and take off like a rocket in the direction of the parents.

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