Monday, July 22, 2013

Vacation Highlights

I'm about to end the first phase of my working vacation. The gig went great. Four face painters, of which I was one. That was a fun day as I both entertained and was entertained by the wandering juggler, the balloon artist and the magic show.

I got to see 2 out of 3 grandkids. We all got to go to the local Renaissance Faire and drool over fine jewelry, meat pies, jousting and the best people watching on Earth. People outdid themselves with Steampunk attire, fairy wings, metal wire woven into elf ears, fancy masks and strange weaponry.
I did a little juggling and worked with the juggling sticks. I bumped into one of my belly dancing students Jenna, who now runs her own dance studio. I met her friend Gina, who also teaches belly dancing, and met her daughter who is growing like a weed. I saw another face painter named Theresa. She had the face painting booth at the faire, where I've worked before but that was years ago.

I'm hoping to move back here some day.

Yesterday I saw a real deer walking past a fake deer. My daughter's house is nestled under oak trees.
I got to make a pirate outfit for my grandson to wear to the fair. My granddaughter also got a hat I made a few weeks ago. I started another monster hat for my grandson.  He enjoyed trying to play my mandolin. And my granddaughter is a sweet little thing who is teething and still happy most of the time.  I hate leaving them, but I need to get on with the rest of my vacation in Southern CA. I'm catching a train in an hour or two.

Watching the Magic Show by the A#1 Talent Company

'J' juggling on a unicycle.

Face Painter Fayme Harper

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