Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kazoos and Doll Heads

Today was like a tornado of busyness for me.

I got to explore some of the Apple Valley thrift stores which are conveniently located across the street from my knitting meeting. I think I love thrift stores because they bring back so many memories of my departed family members. First off I found a whole bag of doll heads that look like grandpa. My grandmother used to re-purpose old dish detergent bottles and turn them into Granny and Grandpa dolls. I did buy one ugly set of doll parts that would make a cool creepy elf doll.

Then at another thrift store a man leaving passed me with a stack of vinyl records. I asked if he'd left any for anyone else and he said, "Sure, but I got the best ones." After I'd shopped there and paid cash for all my goodies, I saw a sign that said 'all records ten cents'. Well, I saw a project on Pinterest where you frame and hang old album covers on the wall. I've wanted to do that for a while, preferably with old belly dance album covers.  So I started flipping through all the old albums, only to find one for a singer named Kay Starr. My mom loved her music. One of the songs was, "I'm so lonely." That deeply reminded me of my mom. If I had a turntable I would have bought it.

Anyway, I ended up with a stack of 11 record covers, all with a dance theme. Couldn't find any belly dance ones though.

I was also looking for skirts at Walmart and Target and they didn't have a thing. One thrift store has just the kind of skirts I want, but they were too small. I'm tempted to go back there today and look again if only I can think of some way to alter them to fit that won't make me look too dorky. Maybe I could slit them up to the waist and wear them over pants or leggings or another skirt. The fabrics really are lovely.

Then it was off to the knit and crochet gathering at Fanciwerks. Even though some of the ladies stay from 10 to 5 on Mondays and/or Wednesdays, I don't have that kind of time to sit and knit (and my hands don't like it). But I happily stayed until about 4:30.  I was expecting company at 5 or later so I drove home to tidy up.

Our friends were a wee bit late. That's what happens when you are driving from state to state with a wee one. After visiting, we realized all the local restaurants would be closed, so we high tailed it over to Victorville. We ended up at the Roadhouse for some mighty tasty vittles. I even saw a sign in their decor that said "Hudson" that would look great in a certain little someone's bedroom. Maybe I can find one like it on Ebay or something.

I had no luck finding a metal kazoo at the thrift stores, so I just ordered one on Ebay this morning. I want to play kazoo and washboard like the guy in the Wiyos.

Whipping up an octopus at the knitting meeting.

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