Sunday, August 3, 2014

August is Here & We Have a Bit of Rain

New plants in my Zen garden

Fairy mushrooms sprouted in my raised beds. They only last a day.
It is a little wet and rainy out and I'm really enjoying my panoramic view. I love it that my garden is getting rain. California is having a major drought so all rain is good rain in my book. Hopefully in a week or two, new desert flowers will be blooming as well. They are little time capsules, just waiting for the right moisture to bloom.

I'm almost done reading a Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin. I can't believe it is taking me so long as he is an excellent writer and well worth the effort of reading.

Mostly I've been swamped with the website I'm doing a huge self-improvement project which has been taking over my life.

My daughter gifted me with the book the Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor. As soon as I'm done with the other book, it's next. I put on 12 pounds while on vacation. Egads!

I just hypnotized someone in a chat room and he was so impressed he sent me money. Woot!

Our neighbors came back from vacation and also paid us for watching their cats and dogs and watering everything. Oh and chickens. We had to feed and water the 2 chickens.

Speaking of chickens, ours no longer look like pullets. They are getting fluffy and making bocking sounds. Bock bock. They are munching on live meal worms too. Boy they love those things. I hold one outside the chicken wire so they can reach through and grab one without taking my finger off.

I'm also making a country musical instrument called a washboard. Yes, I'm turning into a hillbilly. And I don't care.

So I just made my to-do list and was ready to dive in when my boyfriend said he is off to Victorville to get things for the garden. So yay! I want to go of course. I'll try to do the dishes first though, because usually by the time we get home I'm too tired.

I also started a Manga style painting this morning of a cat girl, when the rain started. So I put it away for now. I need to clean off my table in my container studio, so I can paint inside in bad weather. During the heat of the day it is way too hot in there to paint so I haven't worried about it much. But if I'd kept it clean, I'd be painting right now. Just one more way I keep getting in my own way.

I will still have all the specialized blogs, but I'll do my best to make this one a priority, because I don't always have time to itemize every topic into the right blog.

Washboard DIY

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