Friday, August 8, 2014

Recovering From a Bad Morning

This morning was going so poorly, that I determined I'd find some way to redeem it. I wasn't going to waste a whole day! Sometimes the only thing that works for me is a change of venue. So I threw some projects in a car and headed to the local mom and pop diner. After a lunch of comfort food and an ice cream cone, I was ready to face the rest of the day. I wrote 3 pages in my journal to get everything out of my system. Then I went to a thrift store in search of brass bells, a cowbell and ties from the '40's. I didn't find any, but I had fun. Then I went to the local market and bought a cantaloupe, some green onions, and took out $20 cash in case the other thrift stores panned out. But for some reason the Lucerne Valley Thrift stores are high. I think because it is on Hwy 18 and they think some city slickers with fat wallets are going to be driving through, they jack up the prices. Being in Atascadero spoiled me. I found great deals at five thrift shops up there.

Henry's is closing. But it turns out they are just moving across the street.  But honestly, in the four or so times I've been in there I've never bought a thing.  My favorite thrift store closed. I knew the owner was just liquidating stuff until her house in Mexico was finished, but I was sad to see her go. 

The Apple Valley ones are hit and miss. The one run by seniors has the best prices. I'll be going back to that one weekly I think.

My blogs used to get so many views. Now there are probably billions of blogs, so it is hard to get any traffic at all. If you like my blog, I hope you will follow it. When I see I had 2 viewers today, it makes me sad.

I sat outdoors reading as the moon rose tonight. I'd really like to finish Winter Tale and get on to some of the other books I have lined up.  My weekly reading goal is crashing and burning because I keep picking long books.

I got the rest of my raised bed container garden  planted yesterday morning. I put in Kaleidoscope carrots, 2 kinds of lettuce, and some older beet seeds that I hope will do something.  And I put in cucumbers but I hope they don't cross pollinate with the gourds or vice versa.

Yesterday I got out the drill and put another latch on the chicken coop.The side of the coop lifts up for easy access, but if you prop it up there and the wind suddenly gusts, it crashes down. So now it hooks in position and I can use both hands to tend to the water and seed, or grab a chicken if necessary.

I'm not sure if I want to put these beauties on a hatband or on my crazy quilt.

I decided to knit a vest with the gray and white poodle yarn.
I'm really into teardrop beads right now.

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