Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ballet Memories

My older daughter and I both share a love for dance, so we spent spare moments watching ballet movies like Billy Elliot and Turning Point while I was at her house for a week.  She has Netflix so she had quite a few dance movies available, both the fictitious ones and the documentary ones. We’ve both taken ballet in our past. I didn’t even start ballet classes until I was 21 so I didn’t get to take it for more than a few years. Then my daughter took ballet in San Luis Obispo, CA for a while, but college became her priority after a point. The documentary about the Joffrey Ballet also included some modern dance segments with Twyla Tharp and other choreographers. I took modern dance in college. My college only offered modern, jazz and folk dancing and I took all of them. I took belly dancing on the side, but nowadays some colleges offer that as well.
Here she is with baby, hubby and son.

My daughter only a month and a half after giving birth to her second child.

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