Saturday, March 9, 2013

More Love Letters

I am a huge fan of writing letters. But I'm not a huge fan of paying postage. So I raced to look up this story about a woman that started a letter writing craze. You can read about it here: So my task today is to write a bunch of these encouraging letters to strangers.  I think 'love' letter is a misnomer, because that implies intimacy and maybe naughtiness, but I'm all up for writing words of encouragement and tucking them here and there for strangers to find. I can use up all the old stationary I found in storage.

At noon I'm off to the Women's Expo in Victorville, so hopefully I can leave my letters there.  No point in leaving them out in the desert by my house where they will just blow away or get rained on. I think I will even make a Youtube video about it for my next Portal to Esoterica vlog. It's a type of healing magic after all. So I'm signing off to write love letters. 

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