Saturday, March 2, 2013

Little Green Buds

Daylight Savings Time is about a week away. Can spring be far behind? I'm so ready for spring. I'd love to do some spring sewing. Not to mention spring planting. We moved here in the autumn, so I've never even seen what this yard looks like in the other seasons. A tree I thought was dead is now covered with little buds. The buds were black before but now if you look carefully you can see some green in there. I saw a woodpecker today. I saw two rabbits making out. I saw a pair of doves nesting. Spring fever can't be far away. I can't wait to see baby quail. Also, one of my bulbs has sprouted little green leaf tips. I hope it's the first of many and not the only one that grew out of the 50 or so that I planted.  Too soon to give up yet.  The butterfly bush, still in it's nursery pot, seems healthy.  The gardenia lost half her leaves to frost. I hope she pulls through. The Marguerite daisy up and died on me. The peacock lily had have it's leaves turn brown, but I'm hoping it will recover when it stops freezing overnight.

I was on the Burpee website. If you type in your zip code, and then click on a seed you'd like to try, the site tells you when to plant it in your area. Since I've never lived in the Mojave desert before, that site is going to be a huge help to me as I figure out what to grow and when to plant it for best results. Does anyone have a butterfly bush that is mostly dead? The one that was here when we moved in only has one branch that is growing. Is it okay to trim off the obviously dead branches? Will it help new branches to grow if I prune it way back?

Can you see the green in the buds?
I have no idea what kind of tree this is. 

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