Thursday, March 28, 2013

Library Day

Today was library day. By tomorrow I should be able to turn my Broadband back on, but for today I need to use the library's DSL connection. I finished two vampire books today and turned in one of them and requested the next one in the series. I like to read things in order. So hopefully they'll get that one to me fairly quickly.

I have an SCA event on Sat. so I need to get all my garb together. The last event I went to was before Christmas so I hope I can find everything. We find things and then lose them again every time we unpack more boxes. And when I got home from my week long trek, my boyfriend had rearranged the kitchen and put up some shelves.  I'm glad he did it, but now I don't know where anything is again.

Then I tore apart more boxes today looking for some arrow making tools he lost. I also watered all the trees, since it is pretty hot out today. I refilled the hummingbird feeder and had two new hummingbirds show up just before sunset yesterday. I enjoy nature. It helps me relax.

Barbed wire abandoned in our yard.

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