Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday and I'm Taking the Day Off

I'm having one of those 'too tired to move' days. It's hot (94 on the porch but 88 according to  I'm super tired from the weekend. We had a lot of customers at the archery booth yesterday. Luckily friends helped us tear down.  But this morning we were both so tired that the truck hasn't been unpacked. We'll wait until twilight to do it.

Our neighbor is also on vacation, so we have the added duties of caring for her yard. One of the horses slipped out of her fly mask, so my boyfriend had to go in and put it back on. We are not horse people, so we have to figure out how to do things sometimes.

Plus we are taking care of our own sick cat. It's been challenging knowing what the right thing to do is.

I really just want to do some drawing today. I fell asleep in the recliner reading a vampire book. I dreamed we rented a never ending house that caught on fire. I'm running through the house yelling 'fire, get out' and then I lost my voice. As I struggled to yell louder and louder, my boyfriend (in real life) yelled out from the other room 'Did you say something'. I was talking in my sleep.

Then I woke up with a charlie horse in both calves. The right side was worse so I ended up getting up and walking it off. So much for napping.

I'm still not recovering my energy. I think it's just too hot out. Or in, I should say, because I'm sitting under the fan and staying inside until it cools off a bit.

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