Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gone to the Dogs

Are you ever busy talking to someone and suddenly you feel like the most annoying person ever? Honestly, how can other people even listen to me? I have some friends that are chatterboxes, and I just don't want to be like that.

Today I had to call 911 because someone left their chihuahua in a hot car in the Walmart parking lot. It's the desert people! Yes I see you cracked your windows a bit. In CA it is actually illegal to leave a dog in a car. The dispatcher said she'd give the info to animal control. Someone had a very bad day if the cops got there before they left. But the dog being dead would be a worse day. And as we were leaving the parking lot, a Mexican woman was holding two chihuahua puppies, and a man with her was calling out to people trying to get them to buy one (which is also illegal now I think). If you must have a dog, please do some research and learn about the responsibilities involved, and then rescue one on death row. A dog is not just a fashion accessory.

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