Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Strange Day At The Library

I'm at the library because my Broad Band no longer gets a signal. And I'm absolutely surrounded by the crazies. Every computer has people at it who are seeminly unaware that others are trying to concentrate. They are chatting it up, yelling across the room, jostling my chair. I don't know if I'm ever going to get used to living here.

My most current ex-friend is a Christian who just can't seem to stop trying to convert me. The last straw was when she invited me to her church for Easter Sunday. There will be no way to avoid her. They go to the same archery events as we do. And there are only so many archery events and we vend at them. She knows how I feel. I've told her many a time. But she can't seem to drop it.

While at the library I was trying to see why I didn't get a check from Hubpages this month. I thought for sure I'd get one. Well, I didn't make the $50 minimum. I made $45 and some change. I really needed that money. Unless something changes, this month is really going to suck financially.

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