Saturday, April 6, 2013

No More Daily Blogging

I hate to admit defeat, but I can no longer keep up with the daily blogging. It's not for lack of desire, or lack of motivation or not having anything to say. It's my darn Internet connection or lack there-of. Broadband hasn't worked all day. Last night's post crashed before I could hit send. Right now I'm borrowing my boyfriend's dial-up, but he doesn't like me using it much because it ties up the phone lines and then our customers can't get through. And it can't handle uploading things like photos or videos. Maybe if I had a smart phone or a laptop I could keep up. I have another week long trip coming up and no way to blog from the campground. I can use the library computers but only if I can get a lift there, and the library is only open 5 days a week. They are closed Friday and Sunday.

Sometimes I am so mad that we moved out here in the middle of nowhere, where there is no Internet infrastructure.

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