Monday, February 11, 2013

All In A Day

Today I made a list of things I could do immediately to improve my life. It was refreshing to see that there were things that I could do right now. Like laundry.

I got some great roasted garlic salsa at the local market. We had lunch at the laundromat that also included a banana, saltines and pepper jack cheese. The laundromat is next door to a grocery/hardware store which comes in handy sometimes.  I worked on my knitting while the clothes were tumbling.

I wanted to get more knitting done but we were done before you know it. It goes a lot faster with 2 people to fold clothes and schlep things in and out of the truck.

Then I had a surprise on the way home when the sky roof panel on the truck came crashing down on our heads!  I blame the bumpy dirt road and the fact that he tried to open it last Sat. and didn't get it screwed back in tight. Glad I wasn't on a freeway when that happened. Then the gasket fell down and he yelled "Snake". Very funny. Actually it was kind of funny because I'm not afraid of snakes.

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