Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Not One of My Better Days

Today I was in such a funk I finally just gave up and took a nap. I wasn't planning to take a nap. I was reading a vampire story. But once I pulled the comforter up to stay warm, I was fast asleep. I'm sure I needed it. When I woke up I was able to finish the day in a productive manner, working on new art projects for Easter, which will be here before you know it.

Facebook has been depressing me. Every time I log on one of my real life friends is in dire straights with illness or accident or loss of their job. It makes me feel so helpless. One friend has blood clots. Another has a band member with brain cancer and the list goes on. A friend of my daughter's is in a coma. It makes you realize how frail life is; not a good thing to dwell on when one already has anxiety issues.

So, virtual group hug. Hope you are all safe and well tonight or will be soon.

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