Thursday, February 28, 2013

Firewood and Old Biddies

I think being on Pinterest too much is going to make my head explode. I'm at the library. Three old women were all trying to use the computer next to me at the same time, chattering away the whole time with no regard for anyone around them. The oldest one kept losing the library card. The younger one kept trying to explain to the other two how the Internet works. It was kinda funny in a sit-com sort of way. I can just see the Golden Girls doing an episode like that.  We need a version of the Big Bang Theory where all the leading characters are over 50.

I think spring is on the way. The birds in the yard are building nests. I saw a raven carrying a twig and a dove carrying straw. And the male quail are chasing the female quail around the yard. It's still cold enough to need firewood at night though. So far we've gotten by with free firewood. I'm just hoping it lasts until the cold weather quits freezing the yard up.Give it six months and I'll be whining about how horribly hot it is. I'm really not sure I'm a desert person. A dessert person maybe. Pass the cake.


  1. When it gets too cold it is better to get around fireplace and eating healthy food.Dry fruits are also good for a winter night.Firewood Sydney

    1. Thank you Kevin. I'm new to this whole 'fireplace to stay warm' concept.