Sunday, February 10, 2013

Small Improvements Will Equal Big Results

Suddenly I have more confidence. My life is finally going in a direction I want it to go. I give some of that credit to Bob Parsons and his success list. I pick one or two of those each day and try to do something on it. 
Scroll down, the list is towards the bottom.

I'm making myself slow down and get more sleep so I won't have a relapse of the cold from hell. I took a long nap. I'm tracking my eating. I'm not trying to change it yet on a conscious level. Merely being aware will do a lot towards changing it. I thought I'd just track it for a few weeks and resist the urge to feel like a failure because my eating habits are so poor. I'm pretty sure my subconscious mind will assimilate the changes over time.

I'm nourishing old friendships online. I'm adding people to my Facebook. I'm making improvements daily.

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