Sunday, February 24, 2013

Family Mystery

Having trouble with Broad Band again. It hasn't worked since about 11 AM. I finally gave in and called Virgin at 10 PM only to get a recording saying tech support closed at 9 PM. Ugh. So now I'm on dial-up.

I've been thinking about my older sister. One day she went missing and I didn't even know she used the Internet before that. Not only did he use it, she was some sort of guru who specialized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and had a very popular highly ranked blog. She was also an expert on horse pedigrees and breeding and owned a website called She went by the screen name Flying Rose.  It was too late that I learned this because she vanished from her TX ranch and from the Internet entirely for about 4 years. Then out of the blue she called our aunt. We didn't even know if she was dead or alive. I personally don't have any details about what happened or why she vanished. Just another strange chapter in my family history.

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