Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baby Girl

I'm having one of those 'I want to scream' Internet moments when I just can't get something that should be simple to work right. So I'm going to let that go for awhile and talk to you instead.

Today we drove all the way to Apple Valley (30 miles) to deposit one check.  Then when I got home there was another check in my mailbox. It made me think one of those cellphone with the app to deposit checks would save us some time and money.

I almost forgot to tell you my good news. My daughter just gave birth to my first granddaughter. She was born around dinner time yesterday and weighed 9 lbs. and 13 oz. I got the phone call about 7 PM and everyone on the other end sounded very happy. I'm a little jealous that my ex-husband got to be there and I didn't.  With this cold I wouldn't have gone anyway, even if I didn't live over 300 miles away.

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