Sunday, February 24, 2013

Things To Do

My plans today were cancelled due to wind. So I made this list: Not sure what to do today? Call a friend who hasn't heard from you in forever. Keep a skill from getting rusty (piano, pottery, gardening, calligraphy). Play a sport instead of watching it on TV. Learn to juggle or juggle better. Do your yoga. Do something you thought only the other gender was meant to do. Hang up some mirrors. Clean your phone and light switch plates. Let your kid bang on some pots and pans for once. Groom your animals. Read old love letters. Visit a nursing home. Kiss someone. Learn the lyrics to your favorite song. Feed the birds. Watch an old movie. Try one healthy recipe. Try one not so healthy recipe. Figure out how to use your crock pot, food processor, DVD player, sewing machine, cell phone or camera. Stretch after every hour on the computer. Knit/crochet a lap blanket for a vet or women's shelter, go somewhere where no one can hear you and sing as loud as you want. Make a birthday card for a friend. Then it will be ready when they have a birthday. Order seed catalogs. Save your Altoid/Sucrets tins to sort things like bobby pins, washers, nails, rubber bands and Exacto blades in so your junk drawer will be less junky. Donate clothes you will never wear again to a thrift store. Browse Pinterest or Youtube or Intructables for great things to build. Try that interesting new hairstyle. Or you could just sit in your chair and complain that there is nothing to do.

Dust in the air from yesterday's high winds. More predicted for today.

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