Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gig Tomorrow

I've resolved to make small improvements to my life each day. I'll make a note of them at the bottom of my daily blog posts if I remember to do so. Like today I took everything out of my face painting tackle box, and scrubbed it clean. That way I'll feel better at my gig tomorrow. I'm going to get my costume ready tonight. I already have some of the stuff for the party in the truck, so I won't waste a lot of time tomorrow getting ready. I just need to add a folding table and my juggling bag. So when I get home I need to sort out my juggling bag and make sure the balloons are still good. I hope I don't have to go shopping for fresh balloons on the way to my party, but I don't want to find out they are no good in the middle of the show. I want to practice my juggling too, so I hope I get home before dark. Juggling the teddy bears is the trickiest so I need to practice with those at the very least.

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