Friday, January 25, 2013

New Banner

I made a new banner for my blog yesterday. I hope you like it. It's supposed to look like butterscotch being all swirled together in a pan. I tried to put the banner on my Facebook page, but no matter how much I re-sized it, it just wouldn't fit right. If I got it too small, it wouldn't upload. I tried getting the size from Google, but the size it said to make didn't work either. Sigh. So now it just says Gypsy Tribal Kaleido. The rest is off the page. Oh well.

Today it's gloomy outside. I'm doing my best not to be gloomy inside. I want to make bread dough art today. First I have to clear a workspace. I have a sore throat so I'm low on energy. Hopefully by the time I clear the space, I won't be too tired to do the project. But the dough will keep in the refrigerator if I run out of steam.

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