Friday, January 4, 2013

I See Every Sparrow Fall

It's been a cold day. I'm wearing my fingerless gloves just so I can type.
When I opened my door this morning, there was a sparrow on the ground flapping around. So I bent over and carefully picked it up in my gloved hands. When I carried it inside to warm it up, I realized it was already gone. So I set it under the bushes so it could become part of the food chain. And then I was thinking about death.

Later in the day my daughter reminded me of a friend in a coma. And then I started wondering if prayer was a useful thing. Does it really help or does it just give the illusion of helping in a time when I feel helpless? Should I be lighting a candle for this person every night? Is there absentee healing? These circular arguments mostly disturb me and are never resolved. Reading the book The Symbol got me to thinking about these things all over again.

Then another friend told me his mother-in-law is in the hospital. She has terminal cancer. I can't imagine how a person copes with that. This was a close call. When you are that fragile, it doesn't take much to do you in.

I remember a pagan crystal shop that had an altar where you could light a candle for someone. I always felt better when I did that, though I don't know why. I suppose it's a symbol of showing you care for and are thinking of that person. Maybe I should set up my altar again. Maybe I will light a candle for both of them and see what happens.

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