Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Library Computer Time

Lighting a candle for absentee healing.
Yay, I've managed to blog every day for a week on my new blog. I guess the next milestone will be one month.

After I get done blogging, I'm going to Youtube to find a Minecraft tutorial on what the cauldron is for. This is the second cauldron and flower pot I have found and I still don't know what to do with them. I can't open the cauldron or anything so that's not it. You would presume it was to brew spells. I have a Minecraft blog if anyone is interested.

A friend said he'd pay for a Satellite computer connection or faster Internet of some sort, only after he said it he hasn't returned any of my emails, so maybe he changed his mind. I did have my hopes up though. I'm at the library now and the woman on the computer to my left is on her cell phone while using the computer as if this were her own private office. She's trying to whisper, but like most stage whispers, that just makes it worse. The guy to my right is typing like a bat out of hell. I think it's the same out of work teacher that was here a few days ago. It seems like we are all desperate for computer time. These chairs are as hard as a church pew. Am I doing penance for not earning enough money to have the luxury of decent computer service in my own home? I keep praying to the computer gods for help. I miss the Anaheim library. Not only did it have more computers, it has a snack bar where I could get lunch. I get pretty hungry between 11 and 3 and they don't even have a bench to sit and have a snack on, much less a room with vending machines. I was spoiled by the Haskett library.

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