Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thrift Store

I just visited the strangest old thrift store. It looked like hoarders gone wild. Stuff filled an entire house, the huge patio, and if you looked through some ragged curtains, a huge storage space behind the patio/house. I've never seen such a fire trap. I about turned around and left, but Guy dove it. I told him, 'If it exists, it's in here, but good luck finding it." Two little old ladies were running it. I got a Louise Hay book of affirmations, an egg basket, and a big thermometer for my front porch. Guy was trying to find a basket for his beeswax, but nothing seemed just right.  So he went away empty handed.

A pit fired face I made a few years ago. Now that we live in the desert, we'd like to do more pit fired pottery.

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