Sunday, January 6, 2013

Windy Day and Butterscotch Fashion

Our neighbor's chickens.

Blog Day 6

It’s a blustery day outside. I lit the fire to get the chill out of the air inside my house. Then I made two egg and cheese burritos because I always feel a little better after breakfast.

The cat is curled up on our new ‘used’ recliner. He’s already tried to scratch it a few times so now it’s covered with blankets.

I watered the bedding plants and bulbs yesterday. I hope the bulbs take. It would be nice to have flowers in the spring. As cold as it is, I’m not sure if I’m watering them enough or too much. I’ve never lived in a place with so much frost. Not since I was a child in New Mexico anyway.

My mantra today should be Manifest Abundance. I could use some abundance about now.

I got that Butterscotch board made on Pinterest yesterday. It’s called Best Butterscotch Fashion if you are motivated to look for it. I’m not even going to try to open up Pinterest on my dial-up  connection. Otherwise I’d get you the link.

I need to write my pen pal Carol a letter. She sent me a birthday card, a Christmas card and a letter and I don’t think I’ve written her back yet. If this wind keeps up I won’t be able to work outside, so maybe I’ll stay in and knit and write letters.

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