Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy One Thirteen Thirteen

When I got up this morning we had no running water again. We took a hair dryer to the outdoor pipes that we could see. That didn’t work straight away but about 20 minutes later the pump came back on and we had running water again. So maybe it did help but I couldn’t prove it one way or the other. It’s been seriously cold here.

Today was my boyfriend’s birthday but he didn’t want to do anything. So I have to respect that but it’s a letdown to me. I tried to make him breakfast in bed, but he got up. I tried to make him lunch but he said he doesn’t like the way I make cheeseburgers. After that I gave up. I enjoyed my cheeseburgers though.

Then we found out Stater Brothers had gotten more hams in, so he wanted to go to the store and get a ham. On the way home we stopped at the hunting range run by the Lions and he got info on when they are open. All their proceeds go to charity and it’s run by volunteers so that’s great.  They have a little spot for doing archery too. And they have a SASS group with old west type shooting. That should be fun to watch. I hope it will be a way for me to make some friends here. And I hope it gets him out of the house and back into doing something he loves.

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