Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year New Blog

I am on a quest to blog every day of 2013.  But the Blogger URL Quest 2013 was taken by a person who titled her blog Quest 2014 and she has no posts. So I went for a name of things I love and that I was pretty sure wasn't taken. Hence Gypsy Tribal Kaleidoscope Butterscotch was born.

So what shall I write about? I taught belly dancing for twenty years, so that's the gypsy tribal part. I love kaleidoscopes and the art inspired by them.  And butterscotch is such a fun word and a yummy pudding. When I was a child I always thought of the house next door as butterscotch colored.  Maybe I will make a board on Pinterest and call it Butterscotch. That would be fun. Come to think of it, the Lifesavers on my desk are butterscotch, though originally I was going to go with hopscotch as part of the title.

This is New Year's Day and I got to see my 2 year old grandson. He's a strawberry blond bundle of pure energy and curiosity. I think in 2 days time he touched everything he could reach in my house. I was happy when he left so I could catch my breath but I was sad to see him go. So one of my big goals for 2013 is to get a car so I can drive the 300 miles to see him more often as well as my grand daughter that is due in Feb. 

The book I'm reading is a thriller called The Symbol. It makes me even more curious about the Masons. Some of my friends are Masons. One of my boyfriends was in the Order of DeMolay. I wonder if he stuck with it when he grew up. Steve Webber holler back if you see this. I've tried to find him on Facebook but it's a name many people have. I have no idea where he went after he joined the service in the 70's.

Yesterday I did some archery and realized my arrows are in sad shape. Two have fletching damage, one was cracked behind the tip, and therefore unusable, and they just look ratty. Time to make new arrows.  We got to shoot at a foam deer a friend gave us when he was downsizing his garage. That was a lot more fun than shooting at my cardboard target. We're going to make a burlap target too, as soon as we get the sewing machine set up. We just moved here so things are still a jumble. Frankly, I'm not the most organized person in the world even on a good day.

I had a great plan of renting a container for the backyard so I could do all my arts and crafts in it and free up my house for living in.  Now it's so cold in my new town, that I'd be a human popsicle if I was out there working right now. And I just read that the last day of frost is mid-May. I better buy some flannel shirts with long sleeves. It's over half full of my craft junk as it is, so I can't just tell them to take it back or I would have zero room in my tiny house. I call it Shoebox Ranch because it's so tiny, like living in a shoebox.

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I'm doing a photo study of this pile of firewood.


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