Friday, January 11, 2013

Time Alone

I hope you had a fabulous Friday. I had fun visiting a friend and her two young children. We came home with a truck full of free firewood which I’m very thankful to have considering it was 40 degrees in our kitchen when I got up this morning. I made a fire at 6 AM and spent most of the next 4 hours knitting on a new afghan project. There were a few colors I wished I had so when we went to a yarn boutique in Apple Valley and I got the three colors I needed. Their prices are like highway robbery and the lady told me I was lucky to be shopping now because the prices were about to go up. I grabbed my treasures and ran before she could slap a higher price on it. From now on I’m ordering my wool online. I just have to be more patient and wait for it to be delivered.

I’ve been tense today and I realized I’ve had no time alone and also that I haven’t written in my long hand journal in weeks. I don’t know about you, but when I don’t get any time by myself I’m sad, cranky and anxious. I used to walk to Dairy Queen when I needed some space. Now there is nothing close enough to walk to, unless I just want to stand out in the cold desert. I could go in my room and shut the door but it’s freezing in there and my boyfriend would feel rejected. Yet again I realize I need to get a car. It’s the downside of a tiny house I guess. There is no escape. There's no privacy.

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